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Information Blocking and the ONC Health IT Certification Program

Information Blocking and the ONC Health IT Certification Program

Ready to comply with new Information Blocking Rules in USA? The info blocking applicability date is now April 5, 2021.

Ensure you have enabled the EHR to allow for electronic release of information including allowing a patient to download and share their own medical records.

Medicare eligible providers must adopt standardized APIs, compatible with FHIR Release 4, which will help allow individuals to securely and easily access structured electronic health information using smartphone applications. They also require that patients can electronically access all their electronic health information (EHI), structured and/or unstructured, at no cost.

To be compliant with information blocking rules, any eligible provider should:

Allow a patient to initiate sharing or linking of their information with third party applications.

Ensure a patient can access or share with their party applications via FHIR all data elements that are part of the USCDI standard. This will include allowing open notes.

Ensure you have a way for patients to electronically authorize sharing of information.

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