Healthcare Chatbot

Virtual surgical assistant

ERAS is a perioperative care pathway designed to achieve early recovery for patients undergoing major surgery. Involving several medical professions to re-examine its traditional practices and replacing them with evidence based best practices.

The use of artificial intelligence through a chatbot linked to ERAS allows the patients of this program to decrease the insecurity of the lack of knowledge of their surgical intervention, allows them to solve any doubts about it and increase the satisfaction of the global experience. Also allows the staff to know the most repeated questions of patients, their concerns, etc. 


Virtual assistant for surgical patients

Dra. Abril is based on the E.R.A.S. Protocol, it provides recommendations for patients who are going to undergo surgery.



Improvement in the relationship between patients and staff.

Patients safely resolve any concerns with a healthcare professional response. 24/7

Health professionals get better feedback and follow-up from their patients.

Increasing patient safety in surgical treated


Doctora Abril is developed in collaboration with the FIHUB of La Princesa Hospital (Madrid)