Traceability of biological products on blockchain​.

Registration and identification of the products of biological origin (obtained from donors or from other sources) and of the different parties related to the obtention and use of the these (entities, human or other individuals, …) in order to facilitate the access and monitoring of the data in the entire chain of collection, production, supply and utilization of the products of biological origin (obtained from donations or from other sources) for medicinal purposes in humans or other living beings, in a universal manner, from the origin (human or of another living being) until the final use of the product in humans or in other living beings, to certify anywhere, and in an universal manner, the origin, the destination or recipient, as well as the intermediaries and the quality control of the products.

It allows:

Certify and verify the origin of the products and their ingredients or components from the barcode of the product
Certification and traceability of the different states throughout the manufacturing and supply chain, regardless of the continent and country of origin of each component, overcoming current territorial and administrative barriers.
Record changes in ownership and use or destruction, certifying each step from origin to use or destruction (for example, expired or withdrawn products from the market).

As an example, it allows validating the authenticity of a COVID-19 vaccine used in a patient from any airline and hotel in the world, cross-border between different databases and regulations.

Bloodchain purpose

Traceability of biological products on blockchain​.

Registration and traceability in blockchain of medical products of biological origin and their derivatives: red blood cells, plasma, tissues, vaccines, breast milk, etc.



Be able of knowing the origin of a vaccination.


Control of all the steps from the origin of the biological product to the final recipient (patient).


Guarantee the inmutability of data and certify the data products and proccess.


Traceability of biological products on blockchain​.