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ConnectHealth project Connect Health

Hospital.App is a communication platform between healthcare professionals and relatives of ICU (Intensive care units) and ER (Emergency rooms) admitted patients. It comprises a web-app for professionals and an app for the patient’s relatives.

Hospital.App supports and complements communication between both parties, without supplanting or replacing regular and official statements from healthcare providers on clinical issues (it is explicitly stated in the family member's app).

How it works

Hospital.App enables information exchange between healthcare professionals and the relatives of ICU&ER admitted patients using a simple click-driven interface. Healthcare professionals are given the option to save the patient’s updated reports and send it afterwards or send it immediately.
Patient relatives receive accurate & updated clinical and nursing information in a more agile manner along the day, getting the feeling of being close to the hospitalised relative.
Hospital.App offers the professional the possibility of anonymising and sharing the saved information for future research.
Hospital.App allows healthcare professional to establish a direct contact with the patient’s family via video calls. Patient’s relatives receiving the call, may accept it by means of their and speak with the healthcare professional who launched call, but cannot generate their own call initiatives.
Hospital.App enables WhastApp-like “deferred” messages by both parties (patient’s relatives and health professional).

User-Interfaces ConnectHealth

ICU healthcare professionals and wards with isolated patients

Patient’s family members or relatives, and caregivers of isolated patients

Patient’s family members or relatives, and caregivers of isolated patients

Competitive Features ConnectHealth


Facilitates and humanises communication between professionals and patients.


Streamlines processes in the daily routine of professionals. ConnectHealth ConnectHealth


Reassures family members / caregivers by providing up-to-date and simple information about the patient

Functionalities ConnectHealth

Practitioner App Features ConnectHealth

Nurse App Features ConnectHealth

Family or relatives App Features


Hospital.App is a free app for any family member of isolated ICU or ER admitted patient, both using Android and IOS, by scanning a QR code or by entering the alphanumeric code provided by the hospital admissions’ service. produces a Universal Identifier for the patient and another one for the referring relative (non-transferable). This Universal Identifier can be included in the QR code generated by the hospital. Additionally, it can be printed directly from the website.

The Hospital’s health service registered in has an administrator user code. The healthcare professional user will be able to access website in a simple way, with a username and password generated by the administrator of their health service.

Hospital.App is available in Spanish, English and French. Users may choose reading font size.

Optional: healthcare professionals can also send deferred voice messages to the family (time-saving).

Competitive Advantage is a simple, safe and fast tool for professionals and families.

It offers the possibility to communicate by video call or messaging between medical services and family

It does not imply additional workload for the healthcare professional

It enables medical or nursing information exchange in a fluid way and using simple language easy for anyone to understand

Easily integrated with any hospital IT and operating system through an API

The health data messaging system developed by our company allows secure data communication between a patient and a healthcare professional (two participants), through data encryption and uses the international standard HL7 FHIR (USCDI, CEN).