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Regulatory compliance with the Universal Health Identifier

Regulatory compliance with the Universal Health Identifier

Each patient or donor treated in a public or private service has the right to receive in digital format (that is, in FHIR and IPS format, which are the formats approved by the European Committee for Standardization) a document issued by the responsible health professional (digital signature verifiable) with a summary of their clinical history (IPS), the care activity provided, the diagnosis and the therapeutic recommendations.

This is applicable to the global certification and verification of both tests and vaccinations carried out by a professional in a public or private service (laboratories, hospitals, nursing homes, mutual insurance companies, etc.).

We have developed the system that allows each person to send their health data through connections that encrypt the data, using the intellectual protection of the Universal Health Identifier to identify a person in any health organization (public or private), similar to how a mobile phone number or credit card is used in other settings to verify a person’s identity.

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